Wiring Harness Design, Simplified

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Wirely is a wiring harness tool that allows the user to enter the logical connections for a wiring harness and then generates beautiful wiring diagrams with synchronized documentation. It's a one-stop-shop for automated electrical wiring harness design. Allowing for rapid iteration of harnesses with confidence.

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Optimized Layouts

Harness layout is automatically handled in the background with GraphViz.


Rendering is GPU accelerated in order to reduce lag when viewing harnesses.


Access to the editor and rendering services are 100% free. All we ask is to share the tool if it has helped you.

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Collapsable UI

Hidden panels allow the whole screen to be utilized for smaller displays.

The console button alerts you when new messages are available that you haven't seen.

The editor menu opens up when you're editing an element and remembers the last state when you close.

Editable Features

Easily enable and disable the Title Block from being drawn through the menu. Modify the parameters and re-render to see the updates.

Editing the fields in the Title Block can be done through the settings menu.

Playing with the spacing of the elements is also done through this menu.

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Multiple Outputs

Export Documents in the following formats: Png, Svg, Json, Excel, and Zip (Svg + Excel), and Graphviz (dot).

With multiple outputs, modification of the content generated is easy.

Exporting to SVG gives access to various other tools to edit the graphical output.

Automatic Wiring Diagram

Iterate through various designs easily and efficiently with lots of smart features to let you focus on just point to point wiring. Increase the detail of your harness by adding in images of your connectors. Build with confidence by validating the harness connections with DRC.

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Automatic To-From

Excel based TO-FROM's provide easy exporting to other tools.

Automatic Diffs

Start building from a starting point and capture all the changes until the next revision.

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Automatic BOMS

Automatically Generates Bill of Materials all from one source file.

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